International success with some of the world's most innovative water treatment plants.


Patented Technology

NuWater plants feature our proprietary large-diameter RO and optional brine management technologies.

Moving Reverse Osmosis Forward.

NuWater’s patented technology incorporates a 16″ Spiral Wound Membrane, Integrated Flow Distributor, Electromagnetic Field Device, and innovative Membrane Element Design.

This combination of technologies allows NuWater plants to operate at sustainable flux rates 50% to 150% higher than conventional 8” RO systems. It also results in our plant footprints being up to 60% smaller than conventional RO plants, affording them to be modular and mobile for easy deployment.

Plant capital costs are lower due to fewer fittings and significantly less piping than conventional 8” plants, and operational costs are also reduced as fewer membrane elements mean less scaling and fouling.

The result? Competitive water-cleaning prices, faster deployment, and greater plant flexibility for our customers.

Reverse Osmosis (RO) ModuleReverse Osmosis (RO) Module16″ RO skids are coupled in parallel to achieve the required product water flow rate. Capacity can be added, and maintenance undertaken, without reducing capacity.
Control ModuleControl ModuleAllows direct control, and remote monitoring, of most aspects of plant operation. An inbuilt Clean-in-Place (CIP) system provides continuous plant cleaning without impacting output.
Pump Station ModulePump Station ModuleHandles water flow through the various pre-treatment and RO modules of the plant to ensure maximum efficiency. Additional pumps may be incorporated downstream.
UF (Pre-Treatment) ModuleUF (Pre-Treatment) ModuleUF modules are incorporated to optimise RO performance. Coupled in parallel, capacity can be added, and units cleaned, without taking the plant offline.

Proprietary NuWater Technologies

RO Technologies

Large Diameter 16” Membranes: Smaller plant footprint / Lower capital costs

Integrated Flow Distributor (IFD): Higher sustainable flux rates / Reduced scaling and fouling / Reduced maintenance costs

Electromagnetic Field (EMF) Device: Prevention of active crystal growth / Inhibiting of membrane pollution / Reduced maintenance costs

Innovative Membrane Design: Reduced power consumption / Reduced maintenance costs / Smaller plant footprint / Increased overall efficiency

Supporting Technologies

RO Pre-treatment: pH correction

Brine Reduction: High recovery / Low energy

Zero Liquid Discharge: High & low temperature crystalisation

Waste to Value: Pure salt extraction / Biomass to diesel