NuWater’s New Direction and Emalahleni Municipality

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It’s hard to believe that we are already halfway through the year and since last year and now so much has changed.

In our last post, we spoke about opportunities in 2016 and we would like to keep you in the loop by sharing what’s new and what’s to come.

As part of reinforcing our image as South Africa’s most innovative water and wastewater treatment company, our Cape Town offices have moved to a new and bigger campus in Capricorn Park, Muizenberg. Do pay us a visit, will you?

With that done, next on the list was to reinforce our market focus and position.

Market focus and position

Having proven our Modular & Mobile model in the private sector we are now demonstrating its relevance in the municipal sector with short term ‘own and operate’ … Read More »

NuWater: 2015 in Review and Focus on 2016

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As another year comes to a close it is an opportunity to pause and look back on the successes of 2015, the challenges overcome and opportunities for the year ahead. In the spirit of getting on with the festive cheer and focusing on friends and family, we have kept the analysis short and to the point:


Another safe year for the team – no major health & safety incidents
Major project extension and expansion at one of NuWater’s flagship sites, Anglo New Vaal Colliery in South Africa
Launch of NuWater’s modular wastewater treatment plants – delivering reliable and cost-effective distributed solutions that make a real and immediate impact on sanitation services and water recycling
Commissioning of NuWater’s first major wastewater plant for Sanitech in South Africa
A number of new small projects – with NuWater’s modular solutions, and our customer commitment, small plants generally grow … Read More »

The Bento Rodrigues Disaster

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The village of Bento Rodrigues is located in Minas Gerais state, Brazil and had a population of around 600. On the 5th of November the walls of two iron ore tailings dams collapsed catastrophically, releasing about 60 million cubic meters of liquid iron or waste, and devastating this near-by village. The tailings dams are owned by Samarco, a joint venture between BHP Billiton, a Anglo-Australian multinational miner of metals and petroleum and headquartered in Melbourne, Australia, and the world’s largest mining company, Brazils’ Vale SA.

The village of Bento Rodrigues had only 25 minutes to escape the thick toxic watery sludge that flooded their village and continued to flow into the Rio Doce River. Most of the houses were destroyed with 11 people confirmed dead and 11 still been missing. The incident has been described as the worst environmental disaster in … Read More »

An Overview Of South Africa’s Current Drought State.

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South Africa is currently experiencing a drought that has been been described as the worst drought we have experienced in 30 years. With the drought persisting and dam levels continuing to drop, South Africa has declared five out of the nine provinces as drought disaster areas for agricultural, and unfortunately the recent intermittent rainfall in parts of the country has seemed to have had very little impact on the current drought situation.

KwaZulu-Natal, Mpumalanga, North West Province, Limpopo and the Free State have been severely affected. For the sugar-growing province, Kwa Zulu Natal, this has been the driest year in over a century. Figures have shown that 40 000 head of cattle have perished as a result of the current drought. Crop yields have decreased dramatically. In some areas there is no water at all and farmers have been forced to … Read More »

Latest Developments In The California Drought Crisis

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California is currently experiencing a drought of epic proportions and has called for some serious measures to be enforced. This is the fourth year that California is experiencing this drought. California has a “Mediterranean” climate, which means that each year it has a concentrated rainy season, followed by a long temperate and dry period.

This year’s drought however has been noted as the worst they have experienced in years. The effect that drought plays is huge. The drought affects everything from the price of water due to it being scarce, it affects the eco-system as well as wildfires being more frequent and severe. It also takes a toll on the agricultural sector, Californian farmers use up to 80 percent of the State’s water for their crops. This has resulted in tremendous pressures on these farmers and many of the low income … Read More »

NuWater provides cost-effective package plant.

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We recently conducted a question and answer segment with Martin Lyons, NuWater’s Business Development Manager. Below are some highlights along with some insight into NuWater’s package plant offering.

Q: What products and technological solutions do you offer for water purification in remote areas?

A: NuWater offers rapidly deployable, and re-deployable, water and wastewater treatment solutions, as well as both brackish and seawater desalination solutions. NuWater pioneered completely ‘modular & mobile’ large-capacity advanced filtration and desalination plants, extending to capacities of 20 million litres per day and larger. NuWater designs and builds its plants and offers a range of financing, operations and maintenance services. We establish long-term relationships with our customers and work with them to help them better understand their water and wastewater treatment requirements such that they can optimise related costs and ensure safe and reliable treatment solutions.

Q: What type of … Read More »

Flexibility Is Key In Treating Mine Water

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There has been a renewed refocus in the mining sector on both operational and capital expenditure budgets. The majority of discretionary spend has already been eliminated and now accountants have shifted their focus to non-discretionary spend. Mine water and wastewater treatment falls squarely within this non-discretionary spend category. This provides a challenge to management teams to find and explore new ways of reducing the associated costs.

NuWater, as the leader in providing water and wastewater treatment solutions to the mining sector, continues to take the lead in offering the most flexible and cost-effective solutions to its customers based on its ‘modular & mobile’, service-based model.

John Holmes, NuWater’s CEO, explains that the current pressures on mining companies and their service providers allows NuWater to further differentiate its solutions offering. Holmes explains further, “We set up NuWater specifically to deliver mine water and … Read More »

NuWater attends IDA World Congress

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The International Desalination Association, the world’s leading global organisation dedicated to the advancement of desalination, desalination technology and water reuse, held its annual world congress in sunny San Diego between August 30th and September 4th. IDA is the accepted point of connection for the world’s desalination and water reuse communities and this annual event therefore serves as a great platform for executives and desalination professionals to share their thoughts on technology, market trends and potential solutions to challenges facing the industry.

The extended drought conditions being experienced in California meant that the discussions around the suitability of desalination technologies both for seawater desalination and for water / wastewater reuse had direct relevance to the host city of San Diego.

Jeeten Nathoo, NuWater’s CTO, attended the conference and had the following observations;

The theme “Renewable water resources to meet global needs” was well … Read More »

Mexico – USA Border Region an attractive target for NuWater

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NuWater is increasingly active in Mexico and, with its partners, is developing a strategically located large seawater desalination plant. Large parts of Mexico face the same problems as the South-Western states of the USA and NuWater is targeting opportunities in the border regions of the two countries.

There is a long history between the US and Mexico when it comes to the sharing and allocation of water resources. The International Boundary and Water Commission (IBWC) was established to manage all water treaties between the countries. This organisation was formed in 1889 and has the responsibility for managing the distribution of the waters from the Rio Grande and of the Colorado River. It also includes regulation and conservation of the waters, protection of lands along the river from floods, providing solutions for border sanitation and other border water quality problems, as well … Read More »

NuWater and Acciona Agua – A collaboration for Southern Africa

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As the demand for high quality potable water and wastewater treatment continues to outstrip supply, NuWater has announced a strategic collaboration with Acciona Agua for the Southern African region.

NuWater is already a leader, both in South Africa and internationally, in the provision of decentralised water and wastewater solutions that can be rapidly deployed, and where relevant easily re-deployed as treatment requirements change. Acciona Agua is a world leader in the design, construction and operation of large – scale water and wastewater infrastructure.

According to John Holmes, NuWater’s CEO, the collaboration makes sense for a number of reasons, “The challenges faced by Southern Africa’s water and wastewater sectors can only be overcome through a combination of tactical and strategic approaches. But as commentators like to say, ‘the thinking needs to be joined up’. This ‘joined up’ approach is what NuWater and … Read More »

NuWater Adds Modular Wastewater Solutions to Offering

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The delivery of efficient and effective sanitation services is a rapidly growing challenge, not just in South Africa, but across the whole of sub-Saharan Africa. As a leader in distributed water treatment and desalination solutions, NuWater is responding to the challenge by leveraging the same model for wastewater treatment.  The company has recently added wastewater treatment solutions to its product offering that can be rapidly deployed, and where relevant re-deployed.


NuWater has demonstrated the immediate market appetite for its wastewater solutions by confirming that the company is entering into a strategic supply agreement with Sanitech, part of Waco International. Sanitech is the leading portable sanitation company in South Africa. Through its nationwide branch network it provides solutions covering toilet hire and washroom hygiene services.


John Holmes, NuWater’s CEO, recently confirmed the company’s ambitions in wastewater treatment, “ The delivery of wastewater treatment … Read More »

NuWater ‘Off Grid’ Water & Wastewater Treatment Solutions

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NuWater is recognised as a leader in decentralised water and wastewater treatment solutions and the company specialises in treatment applications in challenging operating environments such as mines in remote communities. NuWater’s business model revolves around its ability to rapidly deploy and, where relevant, redeploy its treatment solutions. This provides a high degree of flexibility to its clients and helps them to address changing treatment requirements, both in terms of the capacity required as well as changes in water chemistry.

In many of the environments where NuWater plants operate, access to power is as much of a challenge as high quality treated water. NuWater has therefore developed ‘off grid’ water and wastewater treatment solutions that can operate completely independently without access to a reliable power grid. These solutions use solar energy as the primary power source. The operating requirements of individual plants … Read More »

NuWater on IMIESA cover

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In an exciting turn of events, NuWater is set to grace the cover of this month’s IMIESA. This is no small feat, as IMIESA serves as the official magazine of the Institute of Municipal Engineering of Southern Africa.


IMIESA is the main source of information on the knowledge and practice of infrastructure development, maintenance and service delivery in southern Africa. NuWater is excited and proud to be featured on the cover of such a prestigious and well read publication.

About the cover story

The cover story announces a new project with the eMalahleni Municipality– NuWater’s first public sector venture. NuWater will address the municipality’s severe water treatment capacity constraint with an advanced membrane-based solution, along with related operations and maintenance services. Up to 20 million litres per day of raw feed water will be treated to potable water standard, providing residents within … Read More »

Distributed wastewater treatment plants

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Nuwater unveils wastewater management

As conventional water and wastewater infrastructure fails to keep pace with the demands of communities across South Africa, NuWater is emerging as a leader in flexible distributed infrastructure that can be rapidly deployed, and where necessary re-deployed as requirements change. NuWater has now partnered with one of South Africa’s leading waste management companies to roll out such infrastructure as part of a new wastewater management model.

The old wastewater model

In the current model raw sewage is collected by sewer trucks from distributed septic tanks and then transported to centralised wastewater treatment facilities, where the raw sewage is treated and discharged according to discharge regulations. The drawback to the current model is that the raw sewage is transported over significant distances from its collection points to the centralised wastewater treatment facility. This is an expensive process both in terms … Read More »

JPW enlists NuWater to harvest rainwater

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NuWater has recently joined forces with JURONG Primewide (JPW). The aim is to reclaim and reuse rainwater for concrete batching and to provide potable water at JPW’s Mandai MRT construction project.

About JPW

JURONG Primewide (JPW), representing JURONG International’s Design & Build arm, offers one-stop turnkey EPCM solutions to its clients. JPW’s highly qualified and experienced project management team effectively manages its projects from conception through every stage until the end. This ensures on-time, on-target and within-budget project completion.

JPW has an impressive track record of large-scale building and infrastructure projects in Singapore and internationally, including in China, India, Pakistan and Jordan. JPW is a BCA registered A1 contractor in both building and civil engineering works, and holds a General Builders License in Singapore. JPW‘s experience covers commercial, institutional, industrial, recreational and specialised buildings, as well as port and marine, water and civil engineering … Read More »

Mount Polley Mine Disaster

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Mount Polley disaster

The Mount Polley mine disaster refers to an environmental disaster in British Columbia, Canada. The event occurred in early August 2014, after a breach of the Mount Polley copper and gold mine tailings pond, causing water and mine waste to spill into surrounding areas.

Despite being classified as one of the biggest environmental disasters in Canadian history, the mine is set for reissue later this month.

The spill

On 4 August 2014, a partial breach of the the Imperial Metals-owned Mount Polley copper and gold mine tailings pond released over 24 million cubic metres of water and sediment into Polley Lake. The polluted water flooded Polley Lake, causing it to rise by 1.5 metres. Surrounding rivers were also affected, with the spill flowing out to Hazeltine Creek, Quesnal Lake and Cariboo Creek.

10 million cubic metres of water and 4.5 million cubic … Read More »

NuWater attends Acqueau workshop

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Acqueau Workshop

NuWater CTO, Jeeten Nathoo, recently attended an Acqueau workshop in Helsinki. The highly informative workshop included sessions dedicated to Industrial Wastewater Treatment with case studies of the Metals & Mining Industry, Pulp & Paper Industry and Chemical solutions. Acqueau also provided project leaders with the chance to present their own ideas to the audience and meet and connect with potential business partners.

About Acqueau

Acqueau is a market and industry driven European initiative that specializes in the development of water and wastewater treatment technologies. They focus on areas such as water resources, treatment and distribution, as well as agriculture, urban drainage and waste water treatment and collection. Through their efforts, Acqueau hopes to reduce the water footprint, improve water resources management and accessibility, and handle current social, financial and global issues facing the water sector.


World Water-tech Investment Summit

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NuWater was recently a proud sponsor of the World Water-tech Investment Summit held in London. The summit brought together some of the brightest thinkers in the industry to share their ideas and experiences.

The event highlighted achieving innovation through more than just technological development. By pooling together the ideas of industry leaders from across the globe, World Water-tech Investment Summit hopes to make a positive change in the way the world uses and distributes water. The ultimate goal is to accelerate the global adoption of advanced technologies by both municipal and industrial water users.

At the summit, NuWater was also a part of a panel discussing ’New Models for Industrial Water & Wastewater Assets’. The panel discussed the structure and financing of innovative new projects, as well as the potential of new, service-led business models to supply industrial water users.

NuWater wins Frost & Sullivan award

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NuWater is the proud recipient of a Frost & Sullivan 2015 Customer Value Leadership Award in the Modular & Mobile Industrial wastewater treatment sector.

eMalahleni Local Municipality goes modular

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eMalahleni Local Municipality have gone modular and mobile!

As recently outlined in prestigious mining publication, IMIESA, eMalahleni Local Municipality has joined forces with NuWater to provide an advanced water treatment solution. eMalahleni Local Municipality will be augmenting their existing fixed infrastructure with a ‘modular & mobile’ solution to boost water treatment capacity in a cost-effective and flexible manner.

eMalahleni Local Municipality’s challenge

eMalahleni Local Municipality is facing a critical water treatment capacity constraint. NuWater’s services will aim to address this by providing an advanced membrane-based solution, along with related operations and maintenance services, to treat up to 20 million litres per day of raw feed water to potable water standard. Residents within the municipal area will benefit from a more reliable supply of safe, high-quality drinking water.

NuWater’s mine water solution background

NuWater is using the knowledge and experience it has gained in the private … Read More »

Gold Fields Ghana

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In 2012 Gold Fields selected NuWater to provide water treatment solutions to one of its mining operations in Ghana. Through its use of compact, modular, highly scalable, rapidly deployable and redeployable plants, NuWater was deemed ideal for Gold Fields’ Tarkwa operations. Nuwater was able to find a flexible commercial solution, tailor-made to the specific needs of Gold Fields.

About NuWater

NuWater is an innovative water and wastewater treatment services company dedicated to finding sustainable solutions for the treatment and re-use of water. Thanks to advanced proprietary technology, including its high-performance 16` Reverse Osmosis technology, NuWater is able to treat, desalinate and reclaim any type of water, regardless of the quantity and quality. An effective solution for both private and public sector clients, NuWater plants allow for swift deployment and, if needed, redeployment.

About Gold Fields Ghana

Gold Fields Limited is one of the largest … Read More »

New Vaal Colliery Water Solution

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Pioneering water treatment company, NuWater Global, recently renewed their contract with Anglo American Thermal Coal at its New Vaal Colliery for a further 3 years. Owned and operated by NuWater, the mine waste water treatment and desalination plant is the largest of its kind in the world.

About NuWater

NuWater is an innovative company dedicated to finding sustainable solutions for the treatment and re-use of wastewater. Thanks to advanced proprietary technology, including the elite 16` Reverse Osmosis technology, NuWater is able to treat, desalinate or reclaim any type of water, regardless of the quantity and quality. An effective solution for both private and public sector clients, NuWater plants allow for swift deployment and, if needed, redeployment.

About New Vaal Colliery

South from the Free State bank of the Vaal River lays the New Vaal Colliery, an opencast strip mine. Owned and operated by Anglo … Read More »