What We Do

Rapid Deployment

Unlike conventional water treatment solutions, NuWater plants are modular, re-deployable and endlessly scalable.

Superior Technology. Superior Solutions.


We Clean Water

With our innovative modular and rapidly deployable range of large diameter water treatment and desalination plants, NuWater is able to clean almost any quantity and quality of water efficiently and cost-effectively. Challenge us to clean yours.

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An Ethos of Innovation

Our patented technologies and proprietary plant designs allow for rapid deployment and, if necessary, re-deployment. Cost, efficiency and reliability are key considerations in our plant designs, and we bring an equally innovative approach to our service and financing offerings.

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Waste = Opportunity

Waste streams, organic or inorganic, present challenges in many wastewater treatment applications. Recovery and re-use of waste, however, also presents the opportunity to help offset treatment costs. NuWater helps address the challenges and unlock the value of waste management.

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Helping Ensure Sustained Commercial Success

Mining and Oil & Gas are major users of clean water and producers of wastewater. Water security and effective water management are therefore critical to their success. NuWater is a leader in the treatment and recovery of mine drainage water and in the provision of clean process water.

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Powering Industry

Industry relies heavily on clean water and produces wastewater that requires treatment. The power sector is critical to the broader industrial sector and is a significant user of water itself. NuWater has long recognised the critical relationship between power and water in supporting economic development.

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Unlimited Drinking Water

Growing global populations, competition with agriculture and industry, and higher expectations around potable water access, are placing increased stress on water resources. NuWater’s solutions help transform almost any water or wastewater source into a supply of quality drinking water.

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The Quest For Clean Water.

NuWater provides a range of products, services and financing solutions to treat, desalinate or reclaim almost any quality and quantity of water.

Our innovative and technologically superior modular plants allow for rapid deployment and (if necessary) re-deployment, making them suited to a range of conventional and unconventional water treatment and desalination applications.

Wherever possible, NuWater aims also to minimise and extract value from any resultant waste streams.

Challenge us to clean your water.